Sunday, July 25, 2021
Swimming and Scuba Diving 
in metro Atlanta

Phone: 770-579-9700 

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Atlanta Scuba and Swim Center's curriculum has been created to utilize fun and games in order to develop a swimmer’s ability. Strength and coordination in the water is confirmed with repetition and frequency of classes. Atlanta Scuba and Swim Center takes pride in our method which quickly builds a child’s confidence along with increasing self esteem.

Atlanta Scuba and Swim Center’s group and private swim classes are organized according to a nine level scale which gradually increase in difficulty. The levels are a reference for you to use as a guideline in order to place your child in the appropriate class. Many parents see the need to chose multiple classes, multiple days according to the child's skill level.

These levels become a reference point for our instructors to challenge and teach the appropriate swim skills to each student. They are also a valuable tool for our students, so they can understand what skills they are capable of at a particular time and also what they are trying to accomplish.

Swim classes are $16 per half hour class (max of 4 students per class). 

$45 membership registration per student.  Half price 2016 registration if paid by January 1st (22.50)

Bulk pricing for members only:
--1 family member $200 per month up to five days a week
--2 family members $300 per month up to five days a week
--3 family members $375 per month up to five days a week 
--4 family members $400 per month up to five days a week

Once student reach a certain level they can enter our league which runs for an hour at no extra cost.



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Phone: 770-579-9700

Swim Classes Forming now! - Sunday, January 30, 2011
Atlanta Scuba and Swim Centers swim classes are forming for the coming season. Classes are filling up contact us now by email here or calling Phone: (770) 579-9700. read more ...

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